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    Follow your feelings: Attracting the life you want part one

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    We all have a message to get out to the world. The truth is that the vehicle (so, the method in which you choose to get that message out) is not as important as you just getting the message out.

    We want to know our purpose and we want to know how to be successful. So we ask for guidance, but we already possess that inner guidance that no one else can see or really tap into except you. The way we listen to that inner guidance is through our feelings. Follow what feels good…if you want to feel good. If you want to keep feeling the way you do, then keep following that feelings. But if you want to change it to something better, then reach for those better feelings.

    You just got to get started. Think of something you like or enjoy. Something that makes you feel good and just get started. If all you do, is sit there and just think of the things that make you feel good, then you have done FANTASTIC. Keep reaching for those things that make you FEEL good.

    You can choose to make this as complicated or as simple and easy as you want. I vote for easy. We don’t have to make this hard and whatever wiring of beliefs that you have that tell you otherwise, kick them to the curve for the moment. You can work on healing that later if you want. Right now, just focus on what makes you happy. What makes you feel good. You don’t have to have it all figured out today. Just get started!

    What will you choose today?

  • The Journey Begins

    Sunday, August 12, 2018

    This day will hopefully be marked in the future as my anniversary. The day I started unraveling the mess I had become and started choosing to learn and love myself for who I am.

    This frustration with my current state began with a job that caused anxiety, trying to please people and be “nice”, and frustrated with just trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life…..so eager to just get started.

    I have a lot of growing in to do though….growing in my own confidence, growing in my own strength, growing in my own direction.

    My plan is to read, listen, meditate, forgive, move forward, create art in many forms, and exercise. It is a mixture of healing and building a new relationship with myself.

    I am reading “The Artist’s Way” for help opening the places where I am blocked. I am also using it as my person to get creative. I feel there is a story within me waiting to be told. I don’t know which form that will take coming out and right now, I am just focused on “learning the language” so that I can eventually express it.

    I am also reading “The Gifts of Imperfection”….in this I hope I find the “to-do’s”….the way to begin that new relationship with myself.

    I plan to draw, paint, write, make music and just play.

    I don’t know my journey’s path….and I hesitate to create a course more than what I already have…I need freedom to move and change. I do know that I am excited to take this journey into the person that I am becoming. I can only imagine her true strength, her deep insight, and loving connection with herself.

    I’m sure these pages will become messy. I haven’t met a situation where my undoing has been clean. The perfectionist in me tries to make it appear that way. This is me polishing the mirror….cleaning the window to my soul. Willing to be okay with the messy.

    So it begins.