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when you ask why a.a.thrift
poetry, twenty eighteen and older

When You Ask Why

I did what I did  it was best for you….I think I never would have dreamed  giving you a great life meant it had to be without me I die                       each day to give you a life  full of dreams         […]

wake me at midnight image a.a.thrift
poetry, twenty eighteen and older

Wake Me at Midnight

There will come a day…a moment in our lives where we have met our lasts. It’s that sobering realization that one night will be our last night of sleep, we will eat our last meal, tell our last joke, and experience love for the last time. If we are lucky we will not know when […]

each day practice image a.a.thrift
poetry, twenty eighteen and older

Each Day is Practice

Looking at the BIG picture can be daunting. When I get overwhelmed, I freeze into moments of inaction. Nothing gets done. My perfectionism can elicit this same response. I have come to realize that if I think in terms of each day just being practice, I am able to smile, relax, and continue.

a place I called home image
poetry, twenty eighteen and older

A Place I Called Home

This poem is sponsored by Home. The town I grew up in. Like any other home I could imagine, mine was filled with positives and negatives. Many of the memories I made there haunt me to this day. This place taught me how to try and fit in. It also taught me how to […]

stay poem image post a.a.thrift
poetry, twenty eighteen and older


It’s usually my thoughts that create the tension and anxiety within my body. It’s like Mark Twain said, “Some of the worst things in my life never even happened.” How amazing our brains are. Our imaginations…incredible gifts or curses? Is it really all a matter of how we use it? What purpose does the imagination […]

alternate universe image post a.a.thrift
poetry, twenty eighteen and older

Alternate Universe

Manifesting, Law of Attraction, Visualization, Mind over Matter, Self-fulfilling prophecy……the name doesn’t matter because the point is still the same. We create our lives by our very thoughts. Our thoughts influence how we feel, which lead to how we act. No one can deny the power of our actions on the course of our lives. […]