when you ask why a.a.thrift

When You Ask Why

I did what I did 

it was best for you….I think

I never would have dreamed 

giving you a great life

meant it had to be without me

I die                       each day

to give you a life 

full of dreams


chances I could never afford

I did what I did

oh my love

could not

pay for trips

even to the store

to buy you ice cream on a hot day

Love could not buy Christmas 

or birthdays

pay the bills…..buy new clothes

or shoes that fit

Love was not enough

to buy any of it

I did what I did

because you deserved 

so much more

than what I could give


created to love

to give

you life…that is why

I did what I did 

You are now…..

            ~~~F  R  E  E~~~<3 

enjoy the richness of life

without poverty and shame

I carry you in my heart

mind, body, and soul

When it comes to my life

I loved you more

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